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SANTA CRUZ ISLAND, GALÁPAGOS – Darwin, a golden Labrador retriever, was rescued after he was unable to complete a service dog training program and black Labrador Neville was saved from a shelter. Now both dogs are paying it forward and saving other wildlife from destructive, invasive Giant African Snails in the Galápagos Islands.

“Invasive Giant African Snails can decimate native plants and animals, and if allowed to expand would impact the agricultural production of the island’s farms, which the local community depends upon,” said Karl Campbell, Galápagos Program Director, Island Conservation, who helped identify the need for dogs and other tools to be able to effectively eradicate the invasive snails from Galápagos. “This innovative dog detection program can stop the spread of snails and serve as a model for preventing other invasive species disasters in the Galápagos.”

About Karl Campbell

Karl has more than fifteen years of island restoration experience and has served as field manager of the world’s two largest island restoration projects on Isabela and Santiago Islands. He is experienced in planning, budgeting, and implementing large-scale projects and leveraging technology to increase their cost-efficiency. Advanced restoration expertise combined with his management skills make him invaluable in island conservation projects.

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