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Pinzon Island, Galapagos – Photo Gallery

Pinzón Island (also called Duncan Island) is approximately 4,500 acres (1,800 ha), with a maximum altitude of 1,503 feet (458 m), and marks the geographical center of the Galápagos Archipelago.
Plaza Sur Island
is small (30 acres/12 ha) but biologically significant. Both islands are uninhabited and are fully within the Galápagos National Park. Access is restricted to researchers and National Park staff.

Pinzón Island is home to one of the greatest species recovery stories ever told. More than 150 years ago, rats invaded the island and began feeding on the eggs and hatchlings of the island-endemic Pinzón Giant Tortoise. Due to invasive rats, tortoises were no longer able to survive past their hatchling phase, if they even hatched at all before being consumed. So, in 1965, conservationists, determined to save the tortoise initiated a captive rearing program aimed at getting tortoises past this critical life stage.

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About Karl Campbell

Karl has more than fifteen years of island restoration experience and has served as field manager of the world’s two largest island restoration projects on Isabela and Santiago Islands. He is experienced in planning, budgeting, and implementing large-scale projects and leveraging technology to increase their cost-efficiency. Advanced restoration expertise combined with his management skills make him invaluable in island conservation projects.

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