Explore the Humboldt Archipelago Hope Spot, Chile

Humboldt Archipelago in Chile has been deemed a Hope Spot!

International non-profit Mission Blue has officially declared the Humboldt Archipelago as a Hope Spot. This recognizes the area as one of the most ecologically diverse and biologically important regions along the Chilean Coast. This ecosystem supports important species such as the IUCN Vulnerable Humboldt Penguin and the IUCN Endangered Peruvian Diving-petrel.

Island Conservation and partners recently carried out restoration projects on Choros and Chañaral Islands to protect the native species and contribute to the long term recovery of the of the archipelago’s ecosystem. Success was confirmed for these two islands after invasive species were removed, allowing important seabirds to recover in a protected habitat. Check out spectacular footage of the Humboldt Archipelago in this video:

Source: Mission Blue

Featured photo: Chañaral coastal landscape. Credit: Island Conservation 

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Noelle is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She fell in love with the ocean when she was a child on her grandpa's sailboat. Ever since she has had a passion for conservation and protecting endangered species. She is thrilled to support Island Conservation in its mission of preventing extinctions as a volunteer for the Communications and Science departments. In her free time Noelle enjoys cooking, hiking, and scuba diving in the kelp forests of Monterey Bay.

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