Double Impact – Multiply the Return on Your Conservation Investments!

What do you think of when I say Double Impact?


Click the image above to explore our online, interactive 2014-2015 Impact Report!

Do you think of a bad movie from the early nineties? Maybe you wonder why that title hasn’t been repurposed for a new Hollywood blockbuster about unlikely heroes enduring some global apocalyptic disaster.

Or, maybe you get the direction I’m going with this.

I’m thinking about the multitude of ways that the word impact applies to you, me, and our work to prevent extinctions. Island Conservation exists to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. We know that the greatest risk of extinction is on islands, but so is the greatest opportunity to prevent them! When you remove invasive species from islands, you eliminate the destructive impacts they are having on native island species, ecosystems, and livelihoods.

But don’t forget about our conservation impact – the multiplier effect that our collective conservation investments have for people, species, and vulnerable island ecosystems. Here’s a current example that needs your immediate attention!

In the heart of the Caribbean, 140 feet below sea level, in searing heat, our team is working feverishly to protect two threatened rock iguanas, the Critically Endangered Ricord’s Iguana and the Vulnerable Rhinoceros Iguana; double impact! This natural wonder, Cabritos Island, Dominican Republic, is actually an island within an island; double impact! As our crew trains local partners and residents in science and art restoring islands by removing invasive species, they are not only removing an imminent threat but increasing local conservation capacity and jobs; double impact! Together, we are removing invasive burros that have trampled native rock iguana burrows, eggs, and hatchlings for years and pressing the reset button on the island’s natural ecosystem; double impact!

This is one of the many Island Conservation projects that has inspired us to launch new communications tools to better tell the incredible restoration stories that we are achieving with our partners; double impact!

This year, our annual hard copy Impact Report has a complementary, interactive online site; double impact!


What’s more we just launched this new website at the same time as our Where the Real Wild Things Are, a campaign to save the imperiled rock iguanas of Cabritos Island. Dare I say it one more time? No, I think you’ve gotten the idea.

We hope you’ll check out these exciting new tools and stories about the impacts we are creating together—real conservation heroes saving the world, one island at a time, from invasive alien species…now there’s a movie idea! But, we wouldn’t have these heroic tales without friends like you! You can join our Where the Real Wild Things Are campaign cast today by donating online  or sharing this campaign with a friend

And as we roll the closing credits, we extend our deepest gratitude to you for everything you do to help prevent extinctions.

Warmest regards,


About Bill Waldman

Bill was selected as executive director of Island Conservation in July 2008. Prior to joining Island Conservation, Bill had a thirty-year career as a nonprofit leader, including twenty-three years with The Nature Conservancy.

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