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Island conservation - rhinoceros iguana - cabritos island- dominican republic - wes jolley

The Rhinoceros Iguana – Our Species of the Week

island conservation - cabritos island - rhinoceros iguana - dominican republic

Two Vulnerable Rhinoceros Iguanas face off for dominance on Cabritos Island, Dominican Republic


island conservation - cabritos island - rhinoceros iguana - dominican republic

The Rhinoceros Iguana, named for horn-like scales on the snout, will intimidate competitors for mates and territory by moving its head and neck to appear larger.

island conservation - cabritos island - rhinoceros iguana - dominican republic

The Vulnerable Rhinoceros Iguana can be found on Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti). This reptile looks tough enough to be a predator, but eats a primarily herbivorous (vegetarian) diet, and plays an important role in distributing seeds around the island where it lives.

island conservation - cabritos island - rhinoceros iguana - dominican republic

Why the intimidating appearance? One reason for the spiky spine is to help the Rhinoceros Iguanas appear larger to predators, and is especially useful when males compete with one another for territory and mates.

island conservation - cabritos island - rhinoceros iguana - dominican republic

Juvenile Rhinoceros Iguana

 Join our Campaign to Save Cabritos Iguanas

Our goal is to raise $22,000 by February 1, 2016 to save the Critically Endangered Ricord’s Iguana and Vulnerable Rhinoceros Iguana. By continuing removal of invasive species from Cabritos Island. This funding will be put directly on the ground to purchase supplies and feed our Dominican field team as they battle the scorching temperatures, avoid the crocodiles, and remove invasive species—all to save these wondrous and wild iguanas who, without your help, could be lost forever. Over the next several months we’ll be reaching out to conservation heroes like you, the queens and “kings of all wild things”, to amplify this “wild rumpus”. You can join the campaign by donating directly (all gifts support the Cabritos Island Restoration Project or by becoming an ambassador for the campaign and sharing with your friends, family, and colleagues.



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Wes joined Island Conservation in 2009 as part of the team dedicated to the restoration of San Nicolas Island, California. He has served various roles on Island Conservation’s projects in the US, Ecuador, Chile, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

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