Million Dollar Mouse Campaign

Island Conservation supports the Million Dollar Mouse Campaign as part of our new initiative to restore Sub-Antarctic islands (and their species)

The Antipodes Islands are an ecological treasure in the Southern Ocean, some 800km southeast of New Zealand. They are the only home for the Antipodes Island Snipe and the Antipodes Island Parakeet. The islands also provide critical habitat for seabirds, such as the Endangered Black-browed Albatross and  Endangered Erect-crested Penguin, to feed or rest.

A Serious Threat
Invasive mice on the islands pose a serious threat to this rich ecosystem by devouring huge numbers of insects and seeds that provide an important food source for native species. We also know that mice can devastate seabird populations by eating seabird eggs and chicks.

Taking Action
Inspired by a trip to the islands, Gareth Morgan (philanthropist and trustee of the Morgan Foundation) created the Million Dollar Mouse Campaign to raise the $1 million needed to remove invasive mice from New Zealand’s Antipodes Island. The Morgan Foundation will match contributions from the public, dollar for dollar, until the $1 million target is reached.

Join us in supporting this exciting initiative to save the rare species of the Antipodes Islands by making a donation to the Million Dollar Mouse Campaign today!

Island Conservation is building a program in the sub-Antarctic islands to protect native and endemic plant and animal species from extinction by removing invasive species. The restoration of the Antipodes will benefit numerous species, including the Endangered Erect-crested Penguin, endemic Antipodes Parakeet, Snipe and Pipit, and four imperiled albatross species. Additionally, it will serve as a stepping stone to the restoration of Auckland Island – one of the most globally significant sub-Antarctic islands.

Black-browed Albatross photo by Abe Borker.

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