Did Albatross Inspire these 80’s Hairstyles?

These Albatross look eerily similar to certain 80’s icons…


Every teenager goes through phases, and Albatross are no exception. The transition from juvenile to adult can be a trying and confusing time for these birds, and the result is a sense of style that is, well, rather dated. Every year when juvenile albatrosses begin to molt, their colony begins to look like an 80’s convention rolled into town. In fact, it would seem that many 80’s hair styles were inspired by these glamorous birds. Take a look at these match-ups that appear to be too close to be coincidence:


Not only did Billy Idol (right) lift the hairstyle from this molting albatross, but it seems the smoky eye was an Albatross original as well.


While this man’s carefully groomed mullet is impressive, it’s no match for the nature-made version sported by the Albatross (left). The mustache is a nice touch though.


This punk rock Albatross (left) was clearly the inspiration for Robert De Niro’s edgy Mohawk in Taxi Driver.


This photo is already screaming anything I could possibly say about the matchup…

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