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Midway Atoll is home to one of the most important albatross colonies in the Northern Pacific Ocean, but these seabirds need your help. Invasive, predatory, house mice are eating the albatrosses alive. These mice threaten hundreds of thousands of Midway’s seabirds including the world’s largest Laysan Albatross colony, an important Black-footed Albatross colony, Critically Endangered Laysan Ducks, and 19 other species.


A mouse eradication is planned for July 2020, but only if we can close the $1 million funding gap. The Midway partnership has already secured 85 percent of the resources needed for the project. You can help us close the gap and ensure a 2020 eradication!

island conservation midway atoll albatross frans lanting

midway atoll frans lanting

In recent years, scientists have documented an epidemic that threatens to spread through the albatross colony, mice are eating chicks, attacking adult albatrosses on their nests. Albatrosses are totally vulnerable to this threat as they are hard-wired to incubate their eggs at all costs.
island conservation laysan albatross frans lanting midway atoll

The mouse eradication operation is urgent but has been delayed until July 2020—in part because of a $1 million funding gap.

island conservation laysan albatross frans lanting midway atoll

At an estimated age of 68 years old, the world’s oldest known bird is a Laysan Albatross named Wisdom. Year after year, Wisdom and other Laysan Albatrosses return to Midway to hatch their chicks.

island conservation laysan albatross frans lanting midway atoll

The US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to remove the invasive mice with Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument managers, Island Conservation, and other partners.

These champions have committed their support to help close the funding gap for
Midway’s imperiled albatrosses and other seabirds!

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Frans Lanting and Chris Eckstrom

Once Frans Lanting began photographing the natural world–he never turned back. Today, he uses his images and experiences to help conserve species like our world’s albatross. Full bio

Christine Eckstrom is a writer, editor, and videographer whose work celebrates the wonders of the natural world and explores the coexistence of people and wildlife. Full Bio


Albatross Conservation frans Lanting

Albatross themselves are ambassadors for critically important island and ocean conservation efforts. The ninety percent of their time they spend at sea is fraught with threats of becoming fishing bycatch. Now, when these avian ambassadors return to islands that once served as safe breeding havens, they face increasingly severe threats posed by carnivorous invasive mice.

Donate today to Save Wisdom and make Midway safe for other Albatross like her!




* The exact timing of the work on Midway is subject to extenuating factors.
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Over the past 25 years, Island Conservation has successfully restored 63 islands and saved 498 species and subspecies. These projects demonstrate measurable impacts often with little additional intervention. For once, the solution is simple, and you can be a part of it. We know how to do this.

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