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2016 Island Conservation Highlights

We looked back at our blog posts this year, and found that there was plenty to celebrate! Take a look at these conservation highlights from 2016.

Conservation Status and Population Size Improvements

  • Bronx Zoo helps achieve downlisting from Critically Endangered to Endangered for Blue Iguanas.
  • After a close call with extinction, Hawaiian Crows recover and return to the wild.
  • South Island Takahe averts extinction and sets out on the road to recovery.
  • West Coast Wildlife Centre Hatches 101 Tokoeka Kiwi Chick
  • Conservation Intervention Rescues Murrelets from Potential Endangerment
  • Sightings of Night Parrot, once thought extinct, are increasing.
  • Success in captive breeding of Critically Endangered Stick Insect
  • Thanks to conservation efforts, Eastern Barred Bandicoots are rebounding from extinction.
  • Critically Endangered Tāiko has record breeding season.
  • Island Foxes officially no longer Endangered.
  • Kākāpō population gets a much-needed boost.
  • Rare New Zealand plant, Ngutukākā, saved from extinction.
  • Endangered Green Sea Turtles return to Florida in record numbers.
  • California Condors rise from the brink of extinction.

Conservation/Project Successes and Milestones

  • Restoration of Macquarie Island Supports Seabirds.
  • Choros Island, Chile ecosystem recovering following invasive species removal.
  • Critical Hawaiian Petrel nesting area protected from invasive predators.
  • Restoration project successfully removes invasive rats from Penguin Island, AU.
  • Invasive mice removed from Maud Island, NZ.
  • Critical Jamaican Rock Iguana habitat protected.
  • Palmyra Atoll exhibits signs of recovery following removal of invasive rats.
  • South Island Robins moved to predator-free island.
  • Invasive ants removed from Tiritiri Matanga Island.
  • Malta marine areas receive protection.
  • Endangered Black-fronted Terns receive protection.
  • Invasive rats successfully removed from Malinoa and Motu Tapu Islands.
  • Murchison and Faraday Islands, British Columbia, declared rat-free.
  • Hawadax Island recovering after removal of invasive rats.

Big Picture

  • New Zealand takes leadership role to reduce impacts of invasive species
  • New partnership forms to protect Key Biodiversity Areas
  • Mexico designates Marine Protected Areas.
  • Global Initiative Launched to Reduce Impacts of Invasive Species

Exciting Wildlife News

And to keep in mind as we move forward in conservation:

Thanks and congratulations to all who have supported the recovery of species and ecosystems this year! Here’s to another year of conservation success!

Featured photo: Albatross parent and chick on Antipodes Island. Credit: Jason Zito/Island Conservation


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