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The Night Parrot is Not Extinct After All, and Sightings are Increasing

Sightings of Endangered Night Parrot suggest the species is doing better than previously thought.

The Endangered Australian native Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) was believed to be extinct for over 100 years until 2013. Now, more and more sightings suggest that this nocturnal bird species is doing better than previously thought.

island conservation night parrot

A large population of Night Parrots have been discovered in Queensland’s Diamantina national park. Photograph: Rachel Barrdon

However, the Night Parrot is still very much threatened by the unresolved issue of invasive species in its habitat. The Night Parrot is mostly ground-dwelling, making it particularly vulnerable to opportunistic invasive predators.

Researchers are studying this rare bird in order to better understand its status and its behaviors.

Featured photo: Queensland, Australia. Credit: Steve Austin
Source: The Guardian

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