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People, organizations, and agencies that help us save island species


Addison Avenue Matching Grant Fund
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
American Trader Trustee Council
Anngail A. Aglum*
Anonymous Donors
Archie W. and Grace Berry Foundation
Dwayne and Anessa Barnhill*
Argosy Foundation
Stephen Aronson
Robert M. Arnold
Audubon Society of Los Angeles
Bahamas National Trust
Sheila and Alan Baldridge
Mark and Leslie Beauchamp
Joe and Dorothy Beek
Bell Laboratories, Inc.
Beneficia Foundation
Allen Benello
Callum Berridge
Scott Birkley
Bobolink Foundation
Jed Boulton
George G. Breed
Eleanor Bricetti
Bright Futures Philanthropic Fund
Daniel and Althea Brimm
Bobolink Foundation
Kevin Buck
Janis Buckelew*
California Department of Fish and Game
California State Coastal Conservancy
Ralph and Cheryl Caliri*
Patricia Callahan
Alan Carpenter
Amy Carter
Channel Islands National Park
Charles Darwin Foundation
Yvon Chouinard
Commonweal Ocean Policy Program
The Robert Stevens and Julie Packard Nonendowed Donor Advised Fund at The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz
CONANP (Mexican National Natural Protected Areas Commission)
Conservation Food & Health Foundation
Conservation International
Conservation Society of Pohnpei
Cumming Foundation
Art Cooley
Don Croll and Diana Steller
John and Gladys Croll
Cumming Foundation
David Darrin
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Llagas Foundation
Dawson Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Dead
Irving Decatur and Cecile Derouin
Dennis Township Middle School*
Department of Defense
Matthew Dewees
Michael and Yvonne Dixon
John and Wendy Dougherty*
Steve Elias
Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery, LLC
Joseph and Barbara Ellis
Environment Canada
Environmental Projects Fund of the British Council
Julie Erickson
Richard Erickson
Sally Esposito
Donna Evangelisto*
Nancy Evans
Janet Eyre
Farallon Island Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Kathleen M. Filippo, in memory of Guy Buckelew
David and Carol Finkelstein
Solon and Diane Finkelstein
Colin Fisher
Philip and Michelle Ford*
Lesley Franz
Fundacion Innovat
Lydia M. Garvey
Benjamin and Karen Gery*
James and Annette Giaquinto*
Amy Gilmor
Golden Gate National Park
Keith and Lisa Gradziel*
Melissa Greene and Don Samuel
Tommy Hall
Anita Hally*
Robb Hamilton
Karen and Rick Hargrove
David Hartwell
Kevin Hayden
Mark Haynes and Sara Bassler
Hebshi Biological
Tony Henderson
R. William Henry
John Hoekstra and Jennifer Steele
Stephen and Marge Hughes*
Alexandra Hunter
International Coalition for Bird Preservation
International Iguana Foundation
Island Foundation
John M. Bryan Family Foundation
Stephen and Sheryl Johnson*
Wesley Jolley
Elise Jones*
Derry and Charlene Kabcenell
Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission
Alan and Ruth Keitt
Janning and Scott Kennedy
Steve and Evelyn Knaebel
Kat Kreiss
Laurie and Eric Kutter, in honor of Jon Hoekstra
Charles and Debra Landrey
Donald and Jennifer Lape
Jeff Larkey, Route 1 Farms
Joseph and Barbara LaRosa*
Latham & Watkins, LLC.
Howard and Gretchen Leach
James and Ann Lemke
Leo Model Foundation
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
Patricia Lesage*
Jim Lightner
Llagas Foundation
Linden Trust for Conservation
Marion Mackinnon*
Mackinnon Family Charitable Foundation
March Foundation
Martha Miniello*
Baldo and Kristen Tibbits Marinovic
Araceli Martin
William May
MBA-Nonprofit Connection
Stephanie McAuliffe and Sheree Rife
Donna and Robert McAvoy*
Virginia McDermott
Paul McGlaughlin
Susan McGreevy
Michael McKay
Jane McKenzie
Joseph R. McMicking Foundation
Joyce and Steve Melander-Dayton, Santa Fe Community Foundation
Micronesia Conservation Trust
Microsoft – California Settlement Fund
Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas
Montrose Settlements Restoration Program
Mulago Foundation
Munson/Henry Foundation
Megan Murphy*
Will Murray
National Audubon Society
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
National Geographic Society
National Park Service
National Wetlands Conservation Act
The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy of Alaska
Mexican Navy
Neotropical Migratory Bird Fund
Newman’s Own Foundation
K. Newton
Catherine Nishida
The Norman C. Roberts Trust
Norcross Wildlife Foundation
Irene Oberbauer
Katherine and Donald O'Brien
Ernst and Rebecca Oddsund*
Oil Spill Prevention & Response Network
Open Door Foundation
Oracle Company
Jamie O’Regan
Michael and Susan Ott*
Packard Foundation
Alexander Panos
Angus Parker
Ingrid Parker
Parrots International
Hiram Patterson
Peninsula Community Foundation
Darrell and Cindy Pliler*
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Bruce Posthumus
Ann E. Prezyna and Gordon Lewis
Price, Postel and Parma LLP
The Prospect Hill Foundation
Mark Readdie and Jennifer Lape
Reeds Road Elementary School*
Reid Foundation
Charles Rennie III
Rhino Entertainment, In Honor of Bill and Aimee Kreutzmann
RJM Foundation
Maurice Robichauz
Georgie Robinett
Alfred Roca
Peter Robertshaw
Lisa Roselli*
Albert and JoAnne Russell
Frances and Bertram Sabo*
Salesforce.com Foundation
Sandler Foundation
San Juan Island NHP
Leeanne M. Schidt and Class S-55*
Seaver Institute
Walter and Jean Sedgwick
Deborah Ruel-Schaefer*
Jacob Sheppard
Huang Shu Fu
Daniel Simberloff
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
John Soutter
Spectrum Settlement Recovery, LLC
Virginia B. Stacy*
State of Hawai’i, Department of Land and Natural Resources
Jonathan Steinberg
Peter T.  Steinberg
Ruth Steinberg
Larisa Stephen
The Steven L. Merrill Family Foundation
Donny and Julie Stuckey*
Mark and Leila Sutherland
Michael Sweeney
Barry Swenson
Jack and Rikki Swenson
Switzer Foundation
Lea Taddonio and Nick Holmes
Tetra Tech
Bernie Tershy
Stephen Thal
Kristen Tibbitts
Tides Foundation
Rick and Carol Thompson*
University of Auckland
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
U.S. National Park Service
U.S. Navy
Jessiva Varlet
W. Clarke Swanson, Jr. Foundation
Walton Foundation
Ambika Wauters
Weeden Foundation
Alex Wegmann
Mary and John Wegmann
Marc Weinberger
David Weissman
Jessica Welch
William Wilkes
William K. Bowes Jr., Foundation
Margaret Willits
William Waldman and Olivia Millard
Willow Grove Foundation
Michael Owen Willson
Wilson Conservation Trust
Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation
Cathy Wood*
David B. Zippin, Ph.D.
*Donated in memoriam of Mr. Guy Buckelew


Field work in Pohnpei with community members

Featured Species
Take a closer look at this rare and stunning hummingbird found on only one island in the entire world that you are helping protect from extinction!

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