• Species: Ancient Murrelet Island: Arichika

    According to traditional knowledge, the Ancient Murrelet (SGin Xaana or night bird in the Haida language) was once abundant on Arichika Island in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

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  • Species: Ricord's Iguana Island: Isla Cabritos, Dominican Republic

    ‘Island Conservation should be a model for the interaction of conservation biologists and managers who have to deal with damaging exotics. It is refreshing to see some conservation victories on the ground….’

    - Dan Simberloff, Director, University of Tennessee’s Institute for Biological Invasions

  • Species: Chelonoidis duncanensis Island: Pinzón

    Maybe you’ve seen the Galápagos…but never like this!
    By Heath Packard

    Sunday night, Dr. Karl Campbell, Island Conservation’s own Galápagos Program Director, will be featured in an hour-long CNN documentary The Wonder List: Galápagos.

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  • Species: Juan Fernandez Firecrown (Female) Island: Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile
    Juan Fernandez Firecrown (Female)

    ‘Island Conservation is the world’s most effective organization in terms of species saved from extinction per dollar spent.’

     – Michael Soule, Cofounder, the Society for Conservation Biology

  • Species: Humboldt Penguin Island: Choros Island, Chile

    The Vulnerable Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti), other threatened species, and Chile’s Islas Choros ecosystem can now recover and thrive thanks to the successful removal of damaging invasive European rabbits.

  • Species: Island Fox Island: San Nicolas Island, CA
    San Nicolas Island Fox

    ‘As we extinguish a large portion of the planet’s biodiversity, we lose also a large portion of our world’s beauty, complexity, intellectual interest, spiritual depth, and ecological health.’

    - David Quammen, Author and Journalist

  • Species: Guadalupe Island Poppy Island: Guadalupe Island, Mexico
    Guadalupe Island Poppy

    ‘Island Conservation’s project on Guadalupe Island is probably the most effective conservation project I’ve seen in the last 10 years’

     – Michael P. Wells, Editor, ‘Getting Biodiversity Conservation Projects to Work’

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Rescue Dogs Sniffing Out Destructive Invasive Giant African Snails. Rebecca Ross, Dogs for Conservation

Rescue Dogs Saved and now Saving Galápagos Wildlife

Sniffing Out Destructive, Invasive Giant African Snails Para Español, click aquí For immediate release: SANTA CRUZ ISLAND, GALÁPAGOS – Darwin, a golden Labrador retriever, was rescued after he was unable to complete a service dog training program and black Labrador Neville was saved from a shelter. Now both dogs are paying it forward and saving other wildlife from destructive, invasive Giant African Snails in the Galápagos Islands. ...