• Species: Humboldt Penguin Island: Choros Island, Chile

    The Vulnerable Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti), other sensitive species, and Chile’s Islas Choros ecosystem can now recover and thrive; The Island has been made safe for these unique animals through the removal of damaging invasive European rabbits.

  • Species: Ricord's Iguana Island: Isla Cabritos, Dominican Republic

    ‘Island Conservation should be a model for the interaction of conservation biologists and managers who have to deal with damaging exotics. It is refreshing to see some conservation victories on the ground….’

    - Dan Simberloff, Director, University of Tennessee’s Institute for Biological Invasions

  • Species: Juan Fernandez Firecrown (Female) Island: Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile
    Juan Fernandez Firecrown (Female)

    ‘Island Conservation is the world’s most effective organization in terms of species saved from extinction per dollar spent.’

     – Michael Soule, Cofounder, the Society for Conservation Biology

  • Species: Island Fox Island: San Nicolas Island, CA
    San Nicolas Island Fox

    ‘As we extinguish a large portion of the planet’s biodiversity, we lose also a large portion of our world’s beauty, complexity, intellectual interest, spiritual depth, and ecological health.’

    - David Quammen, Author and Journalist

  • Species: Guadalupe Island Poppy Island: Guadalupe Island, Mexico
    Guadalupe Island Poppy

    ‘Island Conservation’s project on Guadalupe Island is probably the most effective conservation project I’ve seen in the last 10 years’

     – Michael P. Wells, Editor, ‘Getting Biodiversity Conservation Projects to Work’

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El Pingüino de Humboldt, Protegido en Chile!

Para Publicación Inmediata 27 de enero 2015 English Version Contacto: Heath Packard (Island Conservation, inglés, heath.packard@islandconservation.org; 360-584-3051 (US) Liliana Yañez (CONAF, español) liliana.yanez@conaf.cl Proyecto de restauración en isla Choros protege al pingüino de Humboldt y beneficia a la economía local El invasivo conejo europeo fue removido exitosamente tras ser una amenaza para especies en peligro de extinción Isla Choros, Chile – La Corporación Nacional Forestal, CONAF, en asociación con Island Conservación, ONG internacional dedicada a la restauración de ecosistemas insulares degradados, llevaron a cabo exitosamente una campaña para la remoción del conejo europeo...