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Lehua Restoration Project Stands to Benefit Native Seabirds

Islands are home to 20% of all bird, reptile, and plant species, but introduced, non-native (invasive) species threaten the biodiversity of many islands around the world. Lehua Island is no exception. The island provides important nesting habitat for native seabirds.

Attempts by the ESA Threatened (IUCN Endangered) Newell’s Shearwater to establish a breeding colony on Lehua have failed since invasive predators have been brought to the island. Following the removal of invasive rats, Lehua can become a key breeding site and the largest invasive mammal-free habitat for this highly imperiled seabird.To safeguard Hawai’i’s seabirds and Lehua’s ecological vitality, conservationists have made plans to remove invasive rats from the island.

About Island Conservation

Island Conservation prevents extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. To date, we have successfully restored 63 islands worldwide, benefiting 1173 populations of 468 species and subspecies. Working together with local communities, government management agencies, and conservation organizations, we select islands that have the greatest potential for preventing the extinction of globally threatened species.

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