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Conservationists Collaborate to Protect Key Biodiversity Areas

BirdLife International and other conservation organizations collaborate to identify, map, monitor, and conserve Key Biodiversity Areas around the world.

A new partnership has formed to identify the regions on Earth most in need of conservation. The Key Biodiversity Area partnership plans to identify and map important regions for conservation around the world. The partnership will work with national governments to improve and expand upon protected areas. The participating organizations will also work with private companies to mitigate negative impacts on the natural world.

BirdLife International will be managing the new World Database of Key Biodiversity Areas in support of the partnership’s mission to protect the environment and native wildlife.

island conservation mona island boa

Mona Boa, found only on Mona Island. Cielo Figuerola/Island Conservation

Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, said:

This is a vitally important initiative for our planet’s biodiversity. It will also help us reach the targets in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and allow national governments and conservation organisations to ensure that scarce resources are directed to the most important places for nature.

Feature photo: Pinzon Island, Galapagos. By Island Conservation
Read the original article at: Birdlife International

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