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Island Conservation is staffed with mission-driven conservation professionals committed to preserving our world’s biodiversity. If you fit that bill and are looking for your next career opportunity, consider applying for one of the positions listed below. If there are no positions listed, please check back soon. We are an equal opportunity employer and are headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA with field offices in Australia, British Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico.

Island Conservation (IC) is our world’s only global, not-for-profit conservation organization whose mission is to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. We work where the concentration of both biodiversity and species extinction is greatest—islands. Removing a primary threat—introduced invasive vertebrates—is one of the most critical interventions for saving threatened plants and animals and restoring island ecosystems. Once invasive species are removed, native island species and ecosystems recover with little additional intervention. To date, we have successfully restored 60 islands worldwide, benefiting 1090 populations of 399 species and subspecies.


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