People, Organizations, and Agencies that Help Us
Save Island Species

2016/2017 Donors

Aaron and Marina Killick
Acacia Conservation Fund
Alan and Ashley Dabbiere
Alan and Ruth Keitt
Amber Duncan
Andrew Luk
Anne Scholten
Anonymous Donors
Anthony Brake and Yvonne McHugh
Aspen Helicopters
Association of Retired Safeway Employees
Atherton Family Foundation
Audrey Newman
Bailey Smith Fun
Baldo Marinovic & Kristen Tibbitts
Bell Laboratories
Bellevue Foundation
Beth Summers
Birdlife International
Bruce Posthumus
Bruce Weissgold
Cathy Granholm
Chris Dunn and Michele McKinley
Chris Moser
Christine Sculati
Christine Sodt
Christopher Martin
Clark Mitchel
Coastal Conservation
Corporación Nacional Forestal
Cristina Mittermeier Photography
Dan Simberloff and Mary Tebo
Darwin Initiative, UK Government
Dave Kwinter
David and Carol Finkelstein
David Hartley
Dawson Family Fund
Dean and Makayla Counselman
Deborah Dunn
North Carolina State University
Dennis and Jan Iocco
Department of Land and Natural Resources – Hawaii
Devrin Weiss
Dominic Chaplin
Don Macnaughtan
Electra Foundation
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Eric Cleveland
Fernando Mellado
Fletcher Bay Foundation
Fondation Ensemble
Fondo Especies Invasoras Galapagos
Foothill Knolls Elementary School, 4th Grade Class
Foothill Knolls Elementary School, 5th Grade Class
Frans Lanting
Galapagos Conservancy
Gavin Shire
Gibson Reynolds
Glen Tepke
Glenn Skankey

Govert van Drimmelen
Graham Mannion
Harrods Creek Fund on behalf of Hal Candee and Eliza Brown
Heath Packard
Ian Pirie
Ingrid Parker and Gregory Gilbert
International Galapagos Tour Operators Association
Foote Trust – Invasive Species Council of Australia
Iris Soltra
Irving Decatur & Cecile Derouin
J. Royden Saah
Jack and Rikki Swenson
Janet Eyre
Janning Kennedy
Jason Weinstein
Jennifer Rycenga
Joe Beek
John and Evelyn Readdie
Jon Hoekstra and Jennifer Steele
Jonathan Franzen and Kathy Chetkovich
Joyce and Brian Bender
Julio and Michelle Ramirez
Justine Willeford, The Pelican House
Kathryn Tosney
Kathryn Waldman
Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund
Kevin and Sabrina McDonald Family Fund
Kingfisher Foundation
Kirk Elwell
Kirsten Liske
Lara Kilpatrick
Larisa Stephan
Leo Model Foundation
Lesley Franz
Leslie Larson and Michael Bennett
Libra Foundation
Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic Society
Lydia Garvey
MacKinnon Family Charitable Foundation
Malcolm Roberts
March Conservation Fund
Mark and Leila Sutherland
Mark Shwartz
Marty Krasney
Mary and John Wegmann
Mavis Musitelli
Maynard Davis
McGreevy and Winer Family Fund
Merren Tait
Michael Blum
Michael Muchmore
Michael Puente
Michael Sweeney
MNM Charitable Fund
Moore Family Foundation
Morrison Foerster
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Pelagic Bird Fund
National Geographic Society
National Park Service
NEDO/Equilibrio Films
Neil Estep
Nick and Emmalie Hall-Skank
Open Door Foundation
Pacific Development and Conservation Trust
Peter and Carroll McCallum
Phillip Erven
Quinn Rennerfeldt
Rebecca Grady
Reed and Sunshine Duffus
Repass-Rodgers Fund for the Environment at Community Foundation Santa Cruz
RJM Foundation
Roman Bodinek
Salesforce Foundation
Sally Esposito
Sandler Foundation
Sara Kaiser
Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Shanbrom Family Foundation
Shawn Zack
Solon and Diane Finkelstein
Stanford Alumni Group
Stephanie Clark-Poveda
Stephen and Evelyn Knaebel
Stephen and Sheryl Johnson
Steven Reneau
Susan Scott and Craig Thomas
Sydney Arkowitz
Tanya Atwater
Teresa Beck
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation
The Baltoro Trust
The Betty Millard Foundation
The Bobolink Foundation
The Charitable Gift Trust of R. James Macaleer
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
The Fenton Family Gift Fund
The Galapagos Conservation Trust
The Graf-Pulvino Family Fund
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
The Seaver Institute
The William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
Tides Foundation on the recommendation of Ms. Julie Parker Benello and Mr. Allen Benello
Tim Burnett
Tony Henderson
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
United Nations Development Programme, Global Environment Facility
Ventana Surfboards & Supplies
Warren B. King Ttee
William Delveaux
Wilson Conservation Trust
Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation