For 26 years Island Conservation has been dedicated to protecting the incredible and unique diversity of life that flourishes on islands. We have seen firsthand the impact of our work: bringing plants and animals back from the brink of extinction and restoring essential ecosystem functions. Removing invasive species supports island communities by increasing food security, decreasing exposure to animal-borne pathogens, and contributing to ocean health and climate resilience.

The same dedication and focus that has sustained us since our founding has carried us through 2020. In the face of uncertainty we continued our work undeterred. We oversaw the removal of invasive rats from Tetiaroa Atoll, French Polynesia, and conducted Chile’s first rodent eradication on Pajaros Uno Island. Island Conservation pushed new boundaries by testing innovative technologies and investigating opportunities for island restoration to contribute to broader conservation and sustainable development goals for the regions in which we work.

With each passing year we pick up speed in the race against extinction. With your support we will keep moving forward—no matter the challenges—protecting islands and the abundance of life they support.