A sincere thank you to our donors, partners, supporters, board, and staff at Island Conservation who make our work possible and played a vital role in the creation of our 2018-2019 Impact Report.

Content provided by: Karl Campbell, Paula A. Castaño, Julia Dunn, Sally Esposito, Brett Gravlin, Richard Griffiths, Tommy Hall, Chad Hanson, Emily Heber, José Luis Herrera, Gregg Howald, Wes Jolley, Mele Khalsa, Jonathan Plissner, María José Vilches, Coral Wolf, and Jason Zito.

Data provided by: Nick Holmes, Dena Spatz, David Will, and Coral Wolf.

Photos provided by: Tommy Hall, Wes Jolley, Frans Lanting, Lukas Mekis, Jonathan Plissner, Claudio Uribe, Andrew Wright, and Jason Zito.

Editing provided by: Julia Dunn, Sally Esposito, Emily Haber, Emily Heber, Heath Packard, Madeleine Pott, Claudio Uribe, and Rachel Wadsworth.

Designed by: Emily Heber and Claudio Uribe.

Cover photo: Laysan Albatross, Midway Atoll by Wes Jolley.
Back cover photo: De Filippi’s Petrels by Lukas Mekis.

Board of Directors
Virginia Carter
Kerri Folmer – Monitor Institute by Deloitte
Teri Graf-Pulvino – Graf-Pulvino Family Fund
Lynne Hale
David Hartwell, Treasurer
Angus Parker, Chair
Ingrid Parker, Secretary – University of California, Santa Cruz
Ivan Samuels, Vice Chair – March Conservation Fund
Jerrod Schreck – Alexander & Baldwin
Dan Simberloff, Board Member Emeritus – University of Tennessee
Eleanor Sterling – American Museum of Natural History
Beth Summers

Advisory Council
Jon Hoekstra – Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust
Nick Holmes – The Nature Conservancy
Olivier Langrand – Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
John Mitchell – Institute of Systematic Botany
Susan Packard Orr – David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Ryan Phelan – Revive and Restore
Michael Sutton – Goldman Environmental Foundation
Bernie Tershy – Freshwater Life
Eric VanderWerf – Pacific Rim Conservation
Alex Wegmann – The Nature Conservancy
Andrew Wright – Willow Grove Foundation
Lindsay Young – Pacific Rim Conservation