In 1994, Bernie Tershy and Don Croll, the founders of Island Conservation, set out to protect the world’s most vulnerable island ecosystems by removing the leading threat to native plants and animals—invasive species.

Twenty-five years later, Island Conservation is one of the world’s most effective conservation organizations, having protected 487 species on 64 islands to date.

This year, Island Conservation tackled new challenges. We implemented the world’s first drone-powered eradication on Seymour Norte Island, Galápagos, protecting some of the archipelago’s most iconic species. On Teuaua Island in the Marquesas, French Polynesia, we restored habitat for 90,000 Sooty Terns by completing the first successful rodent eradication in the archipelago, serving as a springboard for future projects in the region.

This success is because of you—our donors, partners, staff, and friends.

That is why this year’s Impact Report highlights the people behind 25 years of preventing extinctions. We will revisit past successes, highlight our work over the last year, and look forward to projects on the horizon—all through the eyes of on-the-ground staff, supporters, island community members, and partners who have shaped Island Conservation and the field of island restoration. We hope their stories will give you a glimpse into our work and the tremendous impact you have made.

In the coming years, Island Conservation will continue to pursue ground-breaking projects with a keen focus on innovation, partnering for success, and exploring new regions including Peru and Costa Rica. We strive to make our next twenty-five years as transformative as our first, as we pursue opportunities to accelerate the scope, scale, and pace of island restoration.

With gratitude for all those who have helped us reach the quarter-century mark, we look forward to having you by our side for the next twenty-five!

You make our work possible, and we thank you.

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