Finance & Contracts Specialist

Reports to Chief Operating Officer

SCOPE:  Provides financial & contracts analysis and services to the organization including managing banking, deposits, contracts, retaining files in audit-ready condition, and providing support to our Philanthropy and Conservation Departments. Assists with HQ facilities management. Provides staffing for Island Conservation office during core hours, physically located in IC HQ office 9-5 M-F, handling miscellaneous phone inquiries, incoming deliveries, and facilities infrastructure issues. Works with staff in monitoring project budgets, billing, and completing financial reports.


  1. Manages purchase order system, including bids, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and reconciliations. 
  2. Tracks and processes income-generating contracts, manages billing, calculates reimbursable expenses, prepares invoices, makes deposits, and manages online payment and banking systems. Manages all receivables, processes invoices for payments, and informs project managers and administrators of actions on payments. Pursues payment on overdue accounts receivable.
  3. Prepares Excel spread sheets, maintains cash flow, budget and funding tables accurately & enters actuals at the close of reconciliation.
  4. Updates Salesforce with non-federal contract files and as assigned
  5. Supports accounting in closing books at year end. Prepares P&L, Balance Sheet statements and other reports for the board as required by COO.  Reconciles all financial data for grants and prepares for annual financial audit.
  6. Prepares documents for financial audits including grant audits, organizes information, meets with COO on findings, and provides auditors with all required information.
  7. Prepares financial reports as required for all grants and contracts.  Meets with grant writer and program staff as needed.
  8. Provides administrative support including: picking up and distributing mail, answering the phone and other administrative duties as may be assigned. Maintains inventory of office supplies. Sources and procures office materials.
  9. Plans and coordinates event scheduling, budgeting, and administrative tasks. Supports the HR and accounting staff by facilitating logistics such as meetings, conference rooms, conference calls, etc. Takes meeting minutes and action items during meetings and performs basic follow-up.
  10. Provide logistical support to Island Conservation’s international affiliates as required by COO.
  11. Assist in planning and coordinating project budgeting, and administrative tasks. Updates project managers with budget and expenditure reports.
  12. Manages facilities, IT services, computing assets, cybersecurity, and legal compliance around IT issues including but not limited to privacy law compliance and European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.
  13. Assists with other regulatory compliance including Patriot Act/Freedom Act reporting, and any hazmat compliance and reporting required.
  14. Performs other duties as assigned.


BA or BS degree required. This position requires a detail-oriented individual to learn and manage contractual and billing detail, and provide timely well-formatted reporting company-wide to managers and project staff. Excellent English is required for contractual analysis and conformity to funder & legal requirements, but due to our international footprint foreign language skills, in particular Spanish, are preferred. Some financial, legal (international or domestic), contracts (especially nonprofit), accounting, &/or IT experience preferred. Team player capable with working with different personalities and cultures required. Ability to multi-task, set priorities, meet deadlines, adapt to new processes and software, and work independently required. Ability and willingness to periodically meet early in the AM on European time, or in the evening on Asia time, required. Infrequent travel required.

Ability to work in US for any employer required. Equal opportunity employer.


This is a salaried except position, with an excellent benefits package consisting of medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, sick time, vacation time, 10 holidays per year, and a dog-friendly office a short distance from the beach.


Please do not contact the employer directly; kindly submit a cover letter and resume through one of our online ads on LinkedIn or indicating your qualifications for the position, availability to start, and salary requirements.

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