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Dr. Daniel Simberloff Receives 2016 John Pritzlaff Award

Island Conservation board member and renowned conservation biologist Dr. Daniel Simberloff receives prestigious conservation award at the 2016 California Islands Symposium.

Every year since 2007 the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden presents the Honorable John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Award to a “global trailblazer in conservation.” This year the winner of this prestigious award is Daniel Simberloff, dedicated conservationist and a valued board member here at Island Conservation. We are excited to share the news and celebrate with Dr. Simberloff.

Dan’s work is well described in a bio published here.
Dr. Simberloff’s work on islands started in the 1960s when, as part of his PhD research at Harvard he and E.O. Wilson removed the insect and spider fauna of six small mangrove islands in Florida to study their re-colonization. His diverse research projects have included insects, plants, fungi, birds, and mammals. His publications number ca. 500 and center on ecology, biogeography, evolution, and conservation biology, with titles such as “Today Tiritiri Matangi, tomorrow the world! Are we aiming too low in invasives control?” He has tackled complex topics such as invasion theory, policy, novel ecosystems, and single- vs. multi-species management. In 2006 he was named Eminent Ecologist by the Ecological Society of America, in 2012 he won the Margalef Prize for research in ecology, and in 2015 he won the Wallace Prize of the International Biogeography Society for lifetime contributions in the fields of island biogeography and island ecology. 

Karen Poiani, Island Conservation CEO said:

Daniel Simberloff’s incredible achievements in the fields of conservation and invasive species management are nothing short of inspiring. We are proud to have Dr. Simberloff serving on our Board of Directors and grateful for his expertise as we work together to prevent extinctions and protect biodiversity.

Congratulations Dan on this well-earned recognition!

Source: The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

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