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Desecheo Island
Once home to the worlds largest Brown Booby colony in the world, today few nesting birds remain
Desecheo Island is a small, 358-acre island 13 miles off the west coast of Puerto Rico. The island supports three lizard species found nowhere else in the world and an endangered Puerto Rican endemic cactus, the Higo Chumbo. It was once host to vast colonies of nesting seabirds, including the largest Brown Booby colony in the world and a significant Red-footed Booby colony. Today, due to the effects of invasive species, only a few birds of any kind nest on the island, and the endangered Higo Chumbo cactus and  three species of lizard (Ameiva desechensis, Anolis desechensis and Sphaerodactylus levinsi) hold on in small numbers. 

Island Conservation’s Role:

The US Fish and Wildlife Service and Island Conservation are currently restoring Desecheo Island by removing invasive species. We expect that Brown Boobies will flock to the island and within a few years begin nesting in very large numbers, along with other native birds. The endemic lizard species and Higo Chumbo cactus are expected to recover rapidly in the absence of invasive species.

Click here for an update on the status of Desecheo Island as of May, 2012.
Desecheo Anole, found only on Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico

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