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Natividad Island
Natividad is breeding ground for over 150,000 Black-vented Shearwaters, more than 95 percent of this species' entire population

Isla Natividad is an island in the Pacific Ocean 7 km west off Punta Eugenia, in Baja California Sur. This island is home to a fishing cooperative made up of about 400 fishermen and their families who make their living on lobster and abalone. 

Island Conservation’s Role:

In 1996, Conservación de Islas, Buzos y Pescadores, and the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve initiated a cooperative research project to study the natural history and conservation of the endemic Black-vented Shearwater on Isla Natividad. It became clear very quickly that feral cats were the greatest threat to the shearwater, killing over 1,000 birds a month on the colony. Through environmental education efforts with the local community and policy meetings at the regional and national government level, Conservación de Islas and Island Conservation were able to secure support for the removal of feral cats from Natividad.  

By 2001, all feral cats were removed and shearwater mortality was reduced to a sustainable level of less than 100 birds a month from natural causes. Goats and sheep were removed as well and sent to a ranch on the mainland in order to protect the native and endemic plants and seabird habitat.


Children on Natividad Island showing off their new school mascot, the Black-vented Shearwater!

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