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Rat Island, Alaska
Now free from invasive rats, several seabird species are already nesting on the island!

In October 2008, Island Conservation and its partners restored nearly 7,000 acres of suitable nesting habitat for native seabird species by removing invasive rats from Rat Island, Alaska. Island Conservation biologists returned to the island in May 2009 to confirm removal success and evaluate the ecosystem's response.

No sign of invasive rats was found on the island and several bird species, including Aleutian Cackling Geese, Rock Ptarmigan, Peregrine Falcons, and Black Oystercatchers were found nesting!

Listen to the sound of a Lapland Longspur singing on Rat Island! The Lapland Longspur and many other birds can once again thrive on the remote island.

Check out the video from Rat Island of a Black Oystercatcher hatching!

Black Oystercatcher Hatching from Island Conservation on Vimeo



The Lapland Longspur. You can listen to the Lapland Longspur singing on Rat Island by clicking on the link to the left! Photo courtesy of Terry Gueck

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