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Machalilla National Park and Equilibrio Azul
Working together to bring back the extraordinary flora and fauna of Isla de la Plata, Ecuador

Machalilla National Park, Equilibrio Azul and Island Conservation are collaborating to restore nearly 1,420 ha of potential seabird habitat on Isla de la Plata, off the coast of Ecuador. Isla de la Plata is considered the most important seabird breeding island in Ecuador outside of the Galapagos. Extraordinary bird and plant species, such as a rare endemic mockingbird subspecies, inhabit the island and make it a favorite destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers. While not part of the Galapagos, Isla de la Plata provides the only Waved Albatross nesting site outside of the Galapagos Islands – where they nest on only one island, Isla Española.

Unfortunately, damaging invasive species, such as goats and feral cats, have been introduced to the island, threatening its endemic and native birds and plant life. Together, IC, Machalilla NP, and Equilibrio Azul are working to remove invasive species from the island and restore the ecosystem.


Machalilla National Park

Machalilla National Park is the land manager of a mainland reserve and Isla de la Plata. The mainland reserve is an internationally important wetland due to its large amount of regionally and locally endangered mammals. It is located in the Ecuadorian Manabi Province near Puerto Lopez and the small fishing village of Machalilla. The park has faced a variety of threats, including deforestation, commercial fishing, poaching, and tourist traffic. With support from The Nature Conservancy, the US Agency for International Development, and Parks in Peril, Machalilla NP opened an onsite center to educate visitors about the ecology of the park and its environmental needs. Machalilla NP continues to work with partners to support local conservation action.  In 2008, Island Conservation teamed up with the park to remove invasive goats from Isla de la Plata.


Equilibrio Azul


Equilibrio Azul is a nonprofit organization based in Ecuador. It has been legally incorporated with Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment since 2004. Equilibrio Azul was created to obtain information to conserve Ecuador’s ecosystems and marine resources. They are unique in that they work with the public, government, and business sectors to produce functional and collaborative solutions that are conservation minded. They have a strong relationship with Machalilla National Park  and continue to assist restoration activities through support with logistics, field activities, and permits.

Discover more about Equilibrio Azul at www.equilibrioazul.org
Rich in Biodiversity

Island Conservation began removing invasive species from Isla de la Plata in 2008, helping to protect Plata's twenty-four bird, mammal and reptile species from the threat of extinction. Isla de la Plata is now free of invasive goats and feral cats! We look forward to the recovery of the island's habitat and with that the return of the exquisite native and endemic seabirds and plants. 


Isla de la Plata, Ecuador

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