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Video: Ambitious Conservationists Set Out to Restore Antipodes Island

Island Conservation is teaming up with partners to remove invasive mice from Antipodes Island. The mice have altered the biodiversity of the island by preying on native plant and animal species–they have already wiped out two insect species. The Million Dollar Mouse restoration project aims to put an end to the destruction caused by these invasive mice. This restoration project will protect vulnerable native wildlife, including 21 seabird species, that live and nest on the island.

Antipodes Island is incredibly remote and very difficult to access. You can only approach the island in a dingy and you are immediately surrounded by cliffs. There are only two or three places where you can land the dingy on the island. Check out this video to learn more about this ambitious restoration project:



Visit The Morgan Foundation for more information.

Featured image: Antipodean Wandering Albatross. Photo: K. Walker

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